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6 Best Street Food Around the World

Bhel Puri, India- Place for Vacations
Written by sarah

Travellers are also known as food lovers. Blogs of travelling are usually filled with some awesome food to taste. Well, there are some aromatically delicious tastes that no one can resist. Every country has its own speciality; travellers usually ask to bring out most special dish while ordering the food. Moreover, if you really want to know about the authenticity and culture of any country then try to explore the streets. Wander around, shop or just sit and taste their local food. This is probably the only and best way to dig into the originality of any culture.

You’ll meet the locals in a way and get to know about their language, lifestyle through the streets. As I am not that fond of shopping so wandering around the alleys has only purpose that is food. Street side food of any country makes it to be a permanent part of your memory.

1. Halo-Halo, Philippines
To cool down a hot summer day in Philippine, here you have Halo-Halo. Its typical translation is ‘mix-mix’ and it a is a perfect blend of yummy fruits. You’ll find it any street of Philippine, affordable and colourful.

Halo-Halo at Place For Vacations

2. Tagine, Morocco
This is Morocco’s speciality; it will take you much time to figure out the ingredients but its taste is so delicious that you can’t it ordering for one more time. Tagines of Morocco can be found in medinas, roadside cafes and at any restaurants. It is not a street specific food but very common among locals and tourists.

Tagine, Morocco-Place For Vacations

3. Jerk Chicken, Jamaica
Well marinated chicken with some delicious organic spices and then cooked on the charcoal to give a smoky taste. Yes, it sounds like a BBQ but it’s really yummy and specially found at the island of Jamaica.

Jerk Chicken, Jamaica-Place For Vacations

4. Currywurst, Berlin
A synonymous German food served with the sauce and fries along with curry powder sprinkled all over it. You’ll find it the as the best food in Berlin. One of my favourite from all street food I have tasted so far.

Currywurst, Berlin- Place For Vacations

5. Egg Waffle, Hong Kong
Egg waffles is most famous snack from Hong Kong, It’s something extraordinary from usual. Plain is delicious but in some streets you’ll also get the flavours that includes chocolate, green tea and few more.

Egg Waffle, Hong Kong- Place For Vacations

6. Bhel Puri, India
It is very often to find some mediocre dates at the stall of bhel puri. It is famous in every street of India. I believe something that makes India stand out of the crowd after Taj Mahal, it’s Bhel puri. You might disagree but these two are mine favourite.

Bhel Puri, India- Place for Vacations

Apart all this food and travel stories, the most astonishing is the story of every street. It fascinates you more than anything, narrow alleys, people and those meaningful hangouts are most honest. At this specific place, no one tries to be formal, they laugh openly, cry like an idiot and never feel ashamed of their own individuality. Honest, vulnerability and food is that always makes me wander in the streets of any country. If you’re the one like me who is just wandering in the search od brutal honesty, then streets are the best place to roam around. There is nothing perfect, people are dealing with their life but yet brave enough to sit around and talk openly.

Food is just an excuse the real purpose is to feel that immense culture that can only be found in the narrow alleys and streets of any country. Therefore, don’t forget to taste the local and delicious food from the streets. It’s yummy and worthy enough to spend your money on.

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