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Anegudde Temple in Karnataka

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Anegudde Temple is situated in Kumbashi village near Kundapur, Karnataka is dedicated to Siddhi Vinayaka / Lord Ganesha. Kumbashi is also the birth place of Sri Vadirajaru.

Anegudde Temple

Anegudde Temple

About Anegudde Temple :

The Anegudde Vinayaka Temple is located at a distance of 21.6 km from Maravanthe town. It is believed that Sage Agasthya carried out penance to attract the attention of the Rain God. It is also believed that when the demon Kumbhasura disrupted the rituals of Sage Agasthya, Bheemasena killed him using a weapon given by Lord Ganesha.

The temple was built to honour Lord Ganesha and was named Anegudde. Anegudde is a combination of two words ‘Ane’ and ‘Gudde’, meaning ‘elephant’ and ‘hillock’, respectively. It is considered as one of the seven ‘Mukti Sthalas’ of Karnataka.

The main sanctum of the temple has an idol of Lord Ganesha in a standing position. The statue has four hands, amongst which the two hands symbolise ‘Varda Hasta’ (choice to grant boons). The other two hands point towards the feet, symbolising salvation.

A festival is organised here during the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi and Sankastha Chaturthi. On such occasions, Tulabharam is performed by worshippers as part of the ritual. A car festival is also organised at the temple in December. Devotees also visit the Mahalingeshwara Temple near the Anegudde Vinayak Temple.

Anegudde Temple View

Anegudde Temple View

Attractions Of Anegudde Temple in Karnataka :

Anegudde Temple is situated in Kumbashi village near Kundapur, Karnataka is dedicated to Siddhi Vinayaka / Lord Ganesha. Kumbashi is also the birth place of Sri Vadirajaru.

The legend of the place says that when the place was drought hit, Sage Agasthya came here and performed a Yagna to please rain god, Varuna. During the yagna demon Kumbhasura started harassing the sages. The pandavas (5 brothers in the epic Mahabharatha) who were present in the region, heard of this and sent Bheema to rescue the sages. Lord Ganesha blessed and gave a sword to Bheema to fight the Asura / demon. Bheema killed the asura and Lord Ganesha was installed here and worshiped.

It is believed that the devotees’ wishes are fulfilled by the lord without fail. The idol is in a standing posture and has been sculpted with four arms and two arms show the “Varada Hasta” / granting boons.

Special poojas are held during Ganesh Chathurthi festival and Ganesh Chauthi. People throng the temple in large numbers on these days. It is believed that your wishes come true if you pray to the lord here.

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Features Anegudde Temple in Karnataka :

Anegudde means elephant (Aane) hillock (Gudde) and it is the abode of the elephant god, Sri Vinayaka. It is one of the seven places of pilgrimage in the region called ‘Parashurama Srishti’ which are believed to be created by sage Parashurama.

Situated in Kumbhashi, Anegudde is about 100 kms from Mangalore and 9 kms from Kundapur.
It is believed when drought hit this area sage Agasthya came here to perform yagna to please the rain god. The demon Kumbhasura tried to disrupt the yagna by troubling the sages performing the yagna. To rescue the sages Lord Ganesha blessed Bheema, the strongest among the Padavas with a sword, using which Bheema killed the demon and facilitated the completion of the yagna.

The main sanctum sanctorum contains the majestic figure of Vinayaka resplendent in silver Armour, in standing posture. Of the four arms two are “varada hasta” indicating his inclination to grant boons. Two hands point to his feet, as a means to salvation.

Tulabharam, a custom of offering to God valuables in weight equivalent of a person is frequently done in this temple by devotees. Auspicious ceremonies like wedding, naming ceremony etc. are also held here.

All around the shrine there are sculptural depictions from the Bhargava Purana. People from far off places come here to take blessings from Lord Vinayaka. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great splendor. Lunch is served to devotees as prasadam.

Mahalingeshwara temple is one of the other temples in this area

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