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Anjaneyar Temple In Chennai

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Anjaneyar Temple is very Famous temple in Chennai. The Idol of Lord Hanuman will be very big and attractive to the devotees. Anjaneyar Temple is also one of the powerful temple in Chennai. This article will provide full details about Anjaneyar Temple.

About Anjaneyar Temple :

The Bhaktha Anjaneyar temple at Nanganallur in Chennai is known for bestowing better health to the devotees. The idol of the central image is 32 feet in height making it one of its own kind. Sri Rama, Sri Lakshmana and Seetha with Sri Anjaneyar, Sri Vinayagar, Sri Ragavendra and Sri Krishna with his consorts Bhama and Rukmini are also indoctrinated here. The members of Sri Maruti Bhakta samajan trust, with the blessings of Sri Ragavendra swami and Sri Kanchi Paramacharyar entrenched the 32 foot idol of Sri Anjaneyar in 1989 and consummated the Kumbabishekam in 1995. The distinguished factor of the 32 feet idol is that it was molded out of a single rock. The idol is believed to have special power and is considered a healer. Special archanas on Saturdays and special Abhishekams on Ekadesi and Amavasai are the types of pujas that are performed here.

Attraction Of Velleeswarar Temple In Chennai :

Lord Hanuman aka Anjaneya, the great devotee of Lord Rama, has always been portrayed as a staunch bachelor. However, Lord Hanuman is found along with his consort Suvarchala Devi in the Kalyana Anjaneyar temple at the Thailavaram village near Chennai, India. The temple is located well on GST high road (Chennai – Tricy route) in Thailavaram village, which is located between Guduvanchery and Maraimalai Nagar. The distance from Chennai is around 40 km and the distance from Guduvanchery to this temple is around 3 km. The temple is located next to the famous SRM Engineering College.

The Kalyana Anjaneyar temple is perhaps the only temple where Lord Hanuman is found along with his consort. The temple authorities claim that there is a reference of Hanuman’s wife in Parasura Samhita. Suvarchala is the daughter of Lord Surya (the Sun God), who was the guru of Lord Hanuman.

The temple is very small. Lord Hanuman’s idol is eight feet long and has four hands, which itself is different from the other temples. The goddess Suvarchala is found along with Hanuman only as Utsav idol (the metal idol).

This is a small temple but has an enormous bell about 32 feet high. The top portion of the bell, measures 18 feet with a flag at its mast. The 18 feet concept is said to stand for the 18 chapters of the `Bhagavad Gita.’

The bell called Ghanta Sthamba also functions as a sannidhi for Lord Rama with his consort Sita and brother Lakshmana. The utsava moorthi of this Lord blesses the devotees. The moola vigraham, housed deep inside the bell and not visible to the visitor, is made of Rosewood.

History Anjaneyar Temple In Chennai :

The Luz Anjaneya temple was constructed by Salivahana Chettiars from Mysore who migrated and settled down in Mylapore in the 18th century. With land granted by the Nawab of the Carnatic, the Chettiars constructed two Vinayaga temples. While digging a well, they found the self-manifested idol of the Hindu god Hanuman. As a result, they constructed a Hanuman temple on the spot. A shrine to the Hindu god Rama was constructed within the complex in 1954. The temple celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2000.

Location :

The Luz Anjaneya Temple is the oldest temple to Hanuman in the city of Chennai, India. It is located in the neighbourhood of Mylapore in the district known as Luz.

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