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Bekal Beach in Kerala

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Every beach has a story of its own. The sands and salts of this particular beach is a dream of every living being. The Bekal Beach is situated 14 kilometers away from Kasargod in the state of back waters. The silver sandy beaches are a delight in every sense of the term. The ambiance will be able to mesmerize the deep dark desires of your ever thirsty heart. The Bekal Fort is considered to be the landmark in the beach. Place for holidays provide the best Travel Guides in india .

About Bekal Beach in Kerala :

The Beach at Bekal is rather discontinuous and consists of a series of beaches. The popular ones include the Bekal Fort Beach and Kappil Beach. The beaches feature placid surf and the beach land is shallow, particularly near the famous fort. The beach here has been further beautified and at present exists as an excellent resort destination. Installed at the site are two splendid sculptures of Theyyam and a structure featuring the popular art work of Nilambur artisans. The structure is provided as a shed with rich mural adorning the walls.

The coastline is provided with well paved sidewalks that allows the exploration of the shoreline. There are lot of shells lining up the beach and a few food stalls. The beach is properly illuminated and the evening is made even more beautiful. There are available resting facilities at the beach, provided by the Bekal Resorts Development Corporation.

There is a children’s park located nearby and the whole area is being developed by the BRDC to meet out the requirements of the tourists.

Location :

Bekal Fort Beach is an alluring place that lies in Kasaragod district of Kerala. The place with its inviting beaches, rivers, hills and fort lies in the northern most region of Kerala. The beach lies near the famous Bekal Fort and some 18 kms from the Kasargod district. Mangalore and Kannur are well known regions around and are 49 kms and 93 kms, respectively, from the beach. The beach stands on the Western Coastal Line of India.

Bekal Beach in Kerala Attractions :

The shallow beaches at Bekal are the best the place has. The beach area has been developed as a great tourist spot and is the catch at Kasargod. Apart from the beach the single most attraction standing out is the Bekal Fort. The magnificent fort is the cynosure here and attracts tourists from far off places. There is a children’s park located near the beach strip that provides enough amusement to the kids. The beach is also provided with a small garden and properly illuminated sidewalks. Apart from all this enjoy camping at Bekal Beach camp.


Bekal Beach Sight Viewing :

The Bekal Seaside is situated close to Bekal Fort , one in the best-kept forts in Kerala. Bekal fort is positioned on a higher rock and disperse over 35 acres and reaches into the Arabian Sea. The fort must be visited to have a peek in to the breathtaking architecture in the fort. You will find other ruins of some rock-cut temples really worth visiting.

Seaside Activities :

The Bekal Seaside is perfect for rest, as you are going to have plenty of peace and solitude for yourself. You’ll be able to sunbathe around the sandy beaches of Bekal to acquire a bronze tan. Possess a leisurely walk all about the village to get an insight right into a classic village culture of Kerala. Flavor the neighborhood taste of refreshing seafood of Kerala in the seaside stalls and drink plenty of amazing and refreshing coconut waters.

Best time to visit :

The monsoons witness a good down pouring in and around the Bekal. That makes the ideal visiting time somewhere before monsoons. Summers are pleasant and not that harsh. The best time to visit the place as such would be between February and July. In winter months there is low visibility and as such it is recommended to schedule the visit for summer season.

How to Reach :

The railhead and long distance bus station are located in the Kasargod town, some 19 kms from the beach. There are regular bus and train services available for the region from many cities and towns like Mangalore, Kannur, Kochi, Thrissur, etc. By air one can avail the services of Bajpe Airport, located as Mangalore. The distance from the airport to Bekal is about 69 kms.

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