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Bet Dwarka Beach in Gujarat

Written by Sudhir Kumar

About Bet Dwarka Beach in Gujarat :

The Dwarka town in Gujarat is dotted with a number of temples and each one of them carries several myths and believes. This small town is situated on the Saurashtra Coast at the point where The Gomati river merges with the Arabian Sea. The holy aura, here is fused with religious magic, which enforce visitors create an emotional touch with each corner of it. And of the several mythic believes, one ultimate reality is the bewitching Bet Dwarka Beach, which remains crowded with pilgrims all the year round. Either with the mood of picnicking or with the thought of taking a holy deep, the beach has become a must-visit center, over a few years.

Adventure activities in Bet Dwarka :

Other beaching walking and bird watching, Bet Dwarka is also tagged as the adventure spots for swimming, boating and trekking. Small Boats(ferry) are available on the bank and a half-hour rides takes visitors to the Dwarka sea-front, the point of separation between the Okha land portion and the Beyt Dwarka Island. While visiting the nearby island, travelers can click several photographs of marine lives and wild birds, too.

Attractions in Beyt Dwarka :

Popularly known as the Hindu pilgrimage center, Bet Dwarka hold the fascinating beach which allures visitors during their spiritual tour, here. As the name suggest, the beach is located in Bet Island, about 30 kms from the divine Dwaraka town. While exploring this charming destination, visitors witness a variety of avi-fauna, sprinkling the shore-side water of the great Arabian sea. While many feast their eyes with viewing long-beaked birds catching fishes, some receives the enchanting scene of dolphin, leaping at with each low tides. The beach is home to a plethora of marine lives. And a boating in the crystal-clear sea offers the some lively watch of porpoise, sea turtles, octopus, starfish sea urchins etc. Birds watchers can wander all round the Bet Island and find out some migratory birds, residing here. Besides, visitors can make a holy visit to the nearby Dwarkadheesh Temple, Rancchodrai Temple, Krishna Temples and Devki Temple.

Place of accommodation :

As such, Beyt Dwarka beach is not availed with resorts and hotels. Visitors, in order to spend weekend here need to manage their stay in the Hotels, developed in the Dwarka town(30 kms). A comfortable vacation lies in booking air-conditioned rooms at Hotel City Palace, Hotel Darshan, Hotel Guruprema and Hotel Dwarkesh.

How to reach Dwarka :

Bet Dwarka is accessible by three cited routes:

By Air
The nearest airport to Dwarka is at Jamnagar, some 145 kms away. The aerodrome operates various domestic airlines which connects the place to Mumbai International Airport

By Rail
The Western board-guage Railway line connect Ahmadabad to Dwarka, thereby aiding visitors to move from one place to another.

By Road
Gujarat cities are link to one another via state owned buses and private luxury coach. The Dwarka town is also developed with local transport facilities which help visitors reach the beach.

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