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Beypore Beach in Kerala

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Located at the mouth of the Chaliyar Stream in Kozhikode section, Beypore, one of the popular slots and sport fishing harbors of historical Kerala was an essential business and ancient hub.Ancient Beypore was much popular by suppliers from European Japan, for its ship building market. The vessel building garden here is well known for the development of the Uru, the conventional Arabian dealing vessel. The Complete Travel Information is on the

About Beypore Beach in Kerala :

The name of Beypore is remembered for its age old boat building industry near Calicut in the north of God’s Own Country – Kerala. Beypore beach is located at the mouth of Chaliyar River in Kozhikode district dotted with silhouettes of fishing boats and a stone path. Boat building is the major occupation of the local people of Beypore. The traditional boat builders of Beypore are known as “Khalasis” who have been the specialist craftsmen design and shape “Uru” – the special Arabian trading vessel. Because of the ship building industry, Beypore beach was the centre of attractions for the merchants of central Asia mainly Arabs.

Historical Beypore Beach Vacation in Kerala 

The spices of Malabar had played a major role of attractions that invited the Arabs, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English to Kerala. Even today, the tourists from western world crowded here to enjoy their vacation under the cobalt blue sky, pleasure of making sand castles, fight with the waves to save foot prints, enjoy a few sips of coconut water, rolling thunders on the breasts of shifting sands.

Beypore Beach Attractions :

The beaches of Kerala are not only known for their immense natural beauty but also for activities such as water sports, sun bathing and ayurveda massage. The refreshing ayurveda massage for which the entire state of Kerala is known the world over, is a major attraction which draws thousands of visitors from across the globe. All these activities together promise a comprehensive and wholesome vacationing experience.

As you lay under the sun shade with the velvety sand gently pressing behind your back or take a walk on the shore, relish a cool glass of coconut water, which is known to be one of the best natural nourisher. The entire stretch of the beach is lined with tiny shops that sell local specialties, silver jewellery, clothing material and so on. Some of the best items can be purchased here at reasonable prices.

Other beach activities include swimming and sun bathing, though the tourists should take care at certain areas of the state which are not fit for sun bathing and swimming.

The Boat, Sea And The Fish :

The best way to know the ebullient Arabian Sea, without touching it frothing waters, is to take a walk on the stone bridge that stretches out for about 2 kilometers into the heart of Arabian Sea. You will be mesmerised to behold the turquoise beauty of the sea, creating melodies with pulsating sea waves in this lovely tour destination of South India.

Places to visit near by Beypore Beach :

Pulimuttu is the local name of the 1 km long bridge made of stone stretching in to sea. It is made by piling stones like a pathway to sea. Beypore light house is situated at the south bank of chaliyar, Uru (Big boat) – The boat building yard here is famous for the construction of the Uru, the traditional Arabian trading vessel. Its build using teak from Malaysia nowadays, but before it was using indigenous teak from Nilambure forest which was transported through water channels (called ‘therppan’).

How To Reach :

By Air : The nearest airport, the Calicut airport, is located just 23 km from Calicut city centre. Buses and taxis are easily available to reach Beypore beach from here. Indian Airlines operates a daily flight between Delhi and Calicut.

By Rail : Kozhikode is the nearest railhead which is connected to all the major Indian cities through regular trains.

By Road : Well built roads connect Beypore with the neighbouring cities. State transport buses operate regular buses between Beypore and all the major neighbouring cities in Kerala including Calicut.

Location: 10 Kms Southern area Of Kozhikode, Kerala
Formerly Popular for: Send Developing Industry
Important Feature: Link Designed Of Stone
Located at the Lips of : Chaliyar Stream

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