Bhismaknagar Fort In Arunachal Pradesh

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The Bhismaknagar Fort is a major sightseeing point in Arunachal Pradesh. The fort was built in the 8th century BC. It is the oldest of all the archaeological sites constructed in the area. This fort in the Dibang Valley district is regarded sacred by the Idu Mishims. It symbolizes the glory of the past. Built with clay bricks and adorned with pottery, the fort was constructed in the 4th century.

Bhismaknagar Fort

Bhismaknagar Fort

About Bhismaknagar Fort :

The Bhismaknagar Fort was built with burnt bricks during the 12th century. This hill fort is considered as one of the oldest archaeological sites of Arunachal Pradesh and is situated at a distance of around 29 km from Roing. The excavation project for this site was started in 1969 and was completed around 1973.

Reflecting the rich culture of this place, it displays various artefacts like potteries, terracotta figurines, terracotta plaques and decorative tiles that were found during the excavation process. Its structure covers an area of around 1860.52 sq m, and houses three halls, six entrances and two extension rooms.

Attractions Of Bhismaknagar Fort In Arunachal Pradesh :

One of the most popular archeological sites and sacred heritage destinations in Arunachal Pradesh is the Bhismaknagar Fort which is widely visited by numerous tourists every year. Bhismaknagar is known as the holy heritage site of the Idu Mishmis, who belong to the primitive tribal communities of Arunachal Pradesh. Bhismaknagar Arunachal Pradesh is a symbol of past grandeur and signifies the high standard of civilization.
Bhismaknagar Fort is also 30 km far from Roing which was built during the 8th century BC and is located in the Dibang Valley District. The lush green surroundings of this valley are enchanting and its natural beauty is eye soothing. Trek through this beautiful valley and recollect some of your past glories.
It is believed that during 12th to16th centuries BC, this archeological site in Arunachal Pradesh was under the hold of the Chutiyas. The excavation at this ancient town of Arunachal Pradesh throws new light on its much earlier remnants. It speaks for the Catholic spirit of the ancient Indians and the contribution made by the Idus to the synthetic fabric of Indian culture. Today, Bhismaknagar has become the centre of a renaissance, a determination of a flourishing race to rejuvenate its traditional culture, while embracing everything that is progressive.
Best time to visit Bhismaknagar Fort is from November to February.
Accommodation near Bhismaknagar Fort consists of Circuit House Roing and at Inspection Bungalow Sunpura.

History Bhismaknagar Fort In Arunachal Pradesh :

The Bhismaknagar fort was built by King Bhismak in the 8th century BC.

From the 12th to 16th century, the site was under the control of the Chutiya Kingdom who was the rulers of the place in that era.

Excavations were first done in the fort from 1969 to 1973 and it revealed that Synthetic fabric was introduced to India by the Idu Mishmi tribe of Bhismaknagar. Excavations were again done in 1996 – 97 that revealed many other artefacts from the site.

Location :

The Bhismaknagar Fort located in Bhismaknagar is a popular tourist destination and a sacred heritage place for the Idu Mishmi tribe. The fort is also one of the greatest archeological sites of the country being the oldest fort of Arunachal Pradesh.

How To Reach Bhismaknagar Fort :

Bhismaknagar Fort by Air : The big commercial and nearest airport to Bhismaknagar is Mohanbari Airport, Dibrugarh (Assam) which is about 150 km away. From Dibrugarh tourists can hire a taxi/cab or a bus to reach Bhismaknagar. The more interesting option would be to take a ferry from Dibrugarh across the Brahmaputra. This is a more exciting route as one can enjoy the nature from the ferry ride.

The nearest international airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, located at a distance of around 600 km from Bhismaknagar.

Tourist can also opt to take a helicopter service from Guwahati to Roing and then reach Bhismaknagar from Roing in a tax/cab or a bus.

From the airport tourists can directly hire a taxi/cab or a bus to reach Bhismaknagar.

Bhismaknagar Fort by Rail : The nearest railway station to Bhismaknagaris Tinsukia in Assam which is about 100 km away. From the station, tourists can hire a taxi/cab or a bus to reach Roing.

Bhismaknagar Fort by Road : The best road route to reach Roing is from Tinsukia via Dhola and Sadiya. One has to cross mighty Brahmaputra River while traveling from Tinsukia via Dhola Ghat / Sadiya Ghat to Roing. During summer floods the river takes a three hour journey via ferry-boat which is a great experience.

Bhismaknagar can also be reached via Tezu, Namsai, Roing or Paglam area.

There are two check gates on the way to Bhismaknagar – Shantipur and Paglam. The distance from Tinsukia to Shantipur check-gate is about 70 kms and from Shantipur to Bhismaknagar is about 50 kms.

Bhismaknagar is well connected by roads from all cities of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. It is advisable to drive a sturdy vehicle as the roads are quite rough and need maintenance.

Bhismaknagar Fort by Bus Route : Private and government buses are available from all cities of Arunachal and from Guwahati in Assam to reach Bhismaknagar. There is direct Arunachal Pradesh State Transport (APST) bus service from Tinsukia to Roing and from there visitors can reach Bhismaknagar.

The frequency of the government buses is not too often and hence they are overcrowded. The buses need maintenance and it is advisable to travel by private buses as they are more comfortable. The best option is however to hire a private vehicle with a local guide who has enough knowledge about the place and the security measures to be followed.

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