Cheruthoni Dam, Idukki in Kerala

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Cheruthoni Dam is a picnic spot in the Idukki District of the state of Kerala. Cheruthoni is a small village in the Idukki District Cheruthoni river is a tributary of the longest river of Kerala Periyar River. Place for holidays provide you Popular Travel Destinations in india.

About Cheruthoni Dam in Kerela :

Constructed in 1976, the largest concrete gravity dam in Kerala, Cheruthoni, is located close to Idukki Arch Dam. Built across the Periyar River, it is also the third highest dam in India. You can reach Cheruthoni only by jeep. The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), which looks after the dams, rents out boats for the two-hour cruise between Cheruthoni and Kulamavu. Visitors get splendid views of sunrise and sunset from here. With an altitude of about 3900 ft, Cheruthoni Dam is easily accessible from Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary.

Cheruthoni is the area around the Idukki and Cherithoni dams very close to Painavu, the administrative headquarters of the Idukki district, Cheruthoni Dam is situated at about 3917 feet above sea level,from where one can see certain parts of the city of Kochi on a clear day. You can reach Cheruthoni only by walking or by jeep, at the most.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB),looks after both the Idukki Arch Dam as well as the Cheruthoni dams, KSEB rents out boats for a two-hour cruise between Cheruthoni and Kulamavu.

History Of Cheruthoni Dam in Kerela :

During the 1960s, a majority of the people living in Cheruthoni were not Keralites, but Sikhs from Punjab (who constituted the workforce of Hindustan Construction Company) and manual laborers from neighbouring Tamil Nadu.

How to Reach Cheruthoni Dam :

Idukki Wild life sanctuary is located very close to Cheruthoni Dam.
You can reach Kottaya, station and travel by road from there to Cheruthoni village in the Idukki District.
You can also visit Idukki Arch Dam and the wild life sanctuary also in one visit.

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