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Christ the King Church In Chennai

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Christ the King Church In Chennai :

Christ the King church is located in Chennai in the middle of Loyola College campus. A fine example of Gothic architecture, which was designed and built by an Indian Mason commissioned by French clergymen.

About Christ The King Church :

Commissioned by French clergymen, designed and built by an Indian architect, the Christ The King Church is a fine example of gothic architecture and stands proudly in the middle of Loyola College campus. The awe-inspiring edifice has beautiful pointed arches, ribbed vaults, rose windows, three-aisled nave and flying buttresses. With its beautiful stained glass windows, the church is an enthralling sight, inside and out.

An interesting bit of information is that the architect of the beautiful church and its equally lovely surrounding buildings of Loyala College – S. A Gnanpragasam Pillai did not have any formal training in civil engineering or architecture! Verily, a labor of love.

Attraction Christ the King Church In Chennai :

This church is synonymous with Loyola College and is a wonderful piece of architecture, which defines the idyllic environment of Loyola College.

S.A Gnanpragasam Pillai, who did not have any formal training in civil engineering or architecture, designed it. He was responsible for planning, designing and building the whole of Loyola College.

Its pointed arches, ribbed vaults, rose windows, three-aisled nave and the flying buttresses are a worthy testament to the Gothic style. The Loyola Chapel was built in 1933. Covering an area of 150 feet by 60 feet, with stained glass windows, this church is a captivating sight, inside as well as outside. A spire, which is 157 feet high, has a stairway leading to the cross standing on top.

A regular mass is offered everyday for the students and people in the neighbouring areas. The church does not conduct any other services for the public.

History Christ the King Church :

Christ the King Church, located in General Kumara Mangalam Colony [GKM Colony] was the first sub-station of the parish of Perambur. Then it became the sub-station of Peravallur parish and later became the sub-station of Srinivasa Nagar parish. On 28th May 1999, this Church became a full fledged Parish with 350 families. Rev Fr M A Vincent was is first Parish Priest. Since the old church was in a bad shape and could not accommodate the parishioners, a more spacious and airy Church was constructed and consecrated on 16th September 2004.

Activities Christ the King Church In Chennai :

The church activities include a regular mass, for the students and the people living in the vicinity. Marriage ceremonies, of college alumni and staff only, are also held in the premises of Christ the King Church.

Striking Architecture of  Christ the King Church In Chennai :

For the art lovers you can have a glimpse of the artist style of Gothic architecture in the church’s ribbed vaults, pointed arches, 3-aisled naves, flying buttresses and rose windows. Constructed in 1933, the Loyola Chapel covered the area of one hundred and fifty feet by sixty feet, bearing blemished glass windows. The interior and exterior of the church has a charismatic sight.

At a height of one hundred and fifty seven feet, there is a spire which acts as a stairway to the cross on the acme. For the students and neighboring area here there is mass arranged on regular basis, there are no additional services arranged for the public.

Prolusion Christ the King Church :

In the hub of the college of Loyola’s campus is the location of Christ The King Church. This church is the perfect example of style of Gothic. The architecture was constructed and designed by the Indian Mason who was commissioned by a clergyman of French. Being a stunning architectural piece; Christ The King Church is tantamount with the college of Loyola defining the tranquil environment of the college.

 Overview Christ the King Church In Chennai :

In the year 1931, French clergymen commissioned an Indian architect named S.A. Gnanaprakasam Pillai, for the construction of the church. On 6th March, the then Archbishop of Chennai (Madras at that time) inaugurated the church. The architectural marvel was built by employing bricks and lime mortar. The building represents a typical Gothic style structure featuring high vaults, stairway leading to the spire and pointed arches. The spire of the building reaches to an incredible height of 157 feet from the ground. The church building occupies an area of 9000 square feet, with the length and breadth spread as 150 feet and 60 feet respectively. The stained glass windows seems to close the church perimeters into an aura of spiritual high. There is a small path, kind of a side walk that leads from the college entrance to the chapel.

Location Christ the King Church :

Christ the King Church is an architectural marvel that resides in the campus of Loyola College, in Chennai city. The church is situated in the Nungambakkam region of the metropolitan city. Nungambakkam Railway Station lies very close to the college premises and as such can easily be accessed from distant suburbs.

Mass Timings :

Sunday Mass – Timings/Language : 6.15 am – English, 7.30 am – Tamil

Address :

Christ The King
GKM Colony
24/533 A, Archan Lake Street,
Chennai – 600 082.

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