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Daporijo In Arunachal Pradesh

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Daporijo In Arunachal Pradesh is a Town in Daporijo Tehsil , Upper Subansiri District , Arunachal Pradesh State . Daporijo Is Main City for the Upper Subansiri District It is located 111 km distance from its State Main City Itanagar .

About Daporijo :

The scenic town of Daporijo is situated in the Upper Subansiri district of the north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea-level, the town is known for its rich variety of flora and fauna and its ethnic diversity.

The town is known for being home to different tribal communities of the region, and the culture here is a unique mix of the different tribal groups with their own unique culture and tradition. In fact, the indigenous handicrafts and artifacts made by the local people are quite colourful and unique, and give the place its own identity.

The bamboo handicrafts and colourful garments are wonderful souvenirs to carry home and are easily available in the local handicraft market. The main livelihood of the people in the town especially among the women population, is weaving, along with handicraft making, animal husbandry and some bit of farming.

The town is known for being an ideal place for trekking and nature walks. There are quite a few beautiful trekking trails which are popular for trekking expeditions and are the best way to explore the natural grandeur of the town and the surrounding landscape. The Subansiri River which is close to the town is good for adventure activities like rafting and angling and adds to the beauty of the scenery around.

Attractions Of Daporijo In Arunachal Pradesh :

The town of Daporijo is located in the Upper Subansiri district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The town is home to many different ethnic groups and each has its own culture and traditions. One can witness a mix of these cultures in the town and some of the minority groups are Tagin, Galo, Nah and Hilmiri.

The town of Damporijo, which is situated 13 kilometers from the town of Daporijo, is also worth visiting and there is a Christian prayer house that is located here. The place is known for its extreme beauty and there are many picturesque places that are located here. The town is located along the banks of the River Subansiri. The different tribes in the region make it colorful and there are many local festivals that are celebrated here. There are many villages that are located in the region of Daporijo and these make for interesting day trips and one can experience tribal life in its rawest form, in these places.

Around the town there are a few caves that can be seen as well and these can also be visited. Some trekking spots can be seen in and around the town of Daporijo.

Features Daporijo In Arunachal Pradesh :

Daporijo is a picturesque city of Arunachal Pradesh and is beautifully decorated with a collection of flora and fauna and is a happy nesting place for many rare species of faunas. It appears breathtaking when the morning sun illuminates the lush green hills and forests ofDaporijo City.

The tourism ministry of Arunachal Pradesh is working hard and harder to mark this north eastern state as one of the popular tourist destinations of India. A full day at Daporijo city in Arunachal Pradesh will help to explore the Tagin tribal life style. The Daporijo city of Arunachal Pradesh allures all the intrepid travelers worldwide. The greatest attraction of this city is its dazzling collection of flora and fauna.

The beauty of this city is indescribables. The Daporijo city of Arunachal Pradesh is beautifully decorated with traditional style. The lush green sceneries located in this city represents a small but picturesque destination with many rare species of wood and bamboo. Some of the fascinating wild lives are also visible there.

The famous weaving culture of the tribal people are best seen in the Daporijo city. This is one of the prime professions of many tribal woman which brings bread and butter for them. Some small scale breeding farms and animal husbandries are also worth visiting places there.

An enthralling journey through the city of Daporijo mesmerizes one’s senses.

History :

The earlier history of Daporijo is not elaborately known. The place has been inhabited by the tribes for centuries. Based on its geographical location it can be said that it was once ruled by the Jitri Dynasty and then the Ahom kingdom that rules Assam. The local tribes faced many ups and downs in their economic condition during the Ahom rule. Finally after the British entered the zone, the Treaty of Yandabo was signed between Assam and the British that led to Assam and its neighboring areas including the Subansiri territory coming under the control of the British in1826. The British did not focus towards any development of the tribes. The tribe gradually began to settle down in plains and began cultivation.

In the early 20th century the revenue collection policies of the government changed and since then the economic condition of the tribes began to improve.

Post-independence there were many administrative changes in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Upper Subansiri district that was formed when Subansiri district was bifurcated into Upper and Lower Subansiri districts in 1987. Earlier the two districts were administered as one Subansiri district with Ziro as its capital. After the Upper Subansiri district was formed, Daporijo was declared as the district headquarters.

How To Reach Daporijo :

Daporijo by Air : Daporijo has an airport that used to have flight services in the 1980s and early 1990s from Vayudoot. The airport had flights to Guwahati and Dibrugarh. However, currently there is no scheduled commercial air service.

The nearest airport to Daporijo is at Lilabari Airport which is about 260 km away. From the airport visitors can hire a taxi/cab or a bus to reach Daporijo.

Lilabari Airport has helicopter services upto Ziro. Tourists can opt to take a helicopter upto Ziro (155 km) and reach Daporijo from here by a taxi/cab or a bus.

It is however advisable to hire a sturdy vehicle like a jeep or a Gypsy as the condition of the roads in most places is not so good. And especially hilly areas are tough to travel in small vehicles.

Daporijo by Rail : The nearest railway stations would be Silapathar Station in Assam which is about 200 km away.
Harmoti Station in North Lakhimpur, Assam is about 260 km away from Daporijo.
From the airport visitors can hire a taxi/cab or a bus to reach Daporijo.

Daporijo by Road : Daporijo has city roads connecting the city to other cities of Arunachal. Generally visitors choose to visit Daporijo on the way to major destinations.

The Entry & exit point of Daporijo is Kimin via Ziro and Likabali via Bazzar.

The most common routes that tourists take are –

Daporijo by Bus Route : Buses are available from other cities of Arunachal to reach Daporijo. Visitors can reach Daporijo by taking a bus from Itanagar via Ziro and from Likabali via Bazaar.

The frequency of the governmentbuses is not too often and hence they are overcrowded.The buses need maintenance and it is advisable to travel by private buses as they are more comfortable. The best option is however to hire a private vehicle with a local guide who has enough knowledge about the place and the security measures to be followed.

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