Freemasons Hall In Chennai

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The freemasons hall is located at Chennai Egmore area. The hall is a standing example for the traditional and cultural heritage of the ancient people of Chennai. In the year 1923, the construction for the mason hall was completed.

About Freemasons Hall :

Freemasons Hall is a popular attraction of Chennai. Located in Egmore of Chennai, Freemasons Hall was built by the British East India Company in the year 1923.

The hall, exhibiting a Greek style of architecture, was built to act as a military lodge for British soldiers. It was constructed as per the climatic conditions of the region. It is well ventilated to receive fresh air and light.

Freemasons Hall is a two-storey structure which can accommodate about 200 people at a time. The building is supported by four massive pillars. Italian tiles and marbles are used to furnish the interiors of Freemasons Hall.

The dinner hall of Freemasons Hall can accommodate 150 people and the individual rooms can house 60 people at a time. The main hall of Freemasons Hall has clerestory windows which are at a height of 12 feet from the floor.  The inner walls of Freemasons Hall are decorated with Masonic emblems.

Freemasons Hall can be easily accessed from any part of the city of Chennai. The Hall was recently refurbished to regain its lustre, which has made it one among the prime attractions of Chennai.

Features Of Freemasons Hall In Chennai :

The Lodges or established houses of free masons were built in India during the time of the East India Company. Most of these houses used to be military lodges and protected by the foreign power. The construction of Free Masons Hall at Chennai commenced in the year 1923. The double storeyed hall makes up the headquarters of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India. The structure has been given a symmetrical shape and composes of four circular chambers. The interiors are beautifully adorned with motifs, Italian tiles and marbles. The main section comprises of a large room called Lodge Room. This room has a capacity of accommodating 200 people, at a time. The main hall (Lodge Room) also contains the portraits of the past masters of the house. There is one more small room with the capacity of about 60 persons. The winding staircase from the ground floor leads to the dining room in the first floor. The dining room is quite spacious and can provide for 150 diners at a time.

History Freemasons Hall In Chennai :

Freemason’s Hall stands as an elegant architectural monument in the Egmore region of Chennai. Freemasonry is the largest fraternal order that exists in the world. The society (free masons) is believed to have its origins in the European continent, somewhat during the 17th century A.D. The fraternity is responsible for the establishment of Masonic homes, schools, orphanages and providing aids in other forms to its constituent members. Towards the end of the 20th century the nature of the society was essentially an educational one and aimed to teach the moral philosophy of life.

Attractions Of Freemasons Hall :

Freemason’s Hall in Egmore is easily accessible from any part of the city as the area is well connected with public transport. The building had slowly lost its luster due to the ravages of time, but was revived recently and is back with its original magnificence and glory.

A lot of the work in the building has been done by Indian workers. A few pieces of furniture and certain doors and windows have been shipped from other countries It is a well ventilated building which brings in a lot of fresh air light. The Freemason’s Hall was built keeping in mind the Indian climatic conditions.

The building itself is a beautiful piece of architecture. It is a two storey structure, which has the capacity to accommodate 200 people at a time. The Greek style of architecture has been used here wherein one can see huge pillars around the building. Italian tiles and marbles have been used extensively. The building has a lot of Masonic emblems on the walls as decoration.

Location Freemasons Hall In Chennai :

The location of the structure is such that it can be easily reached from any corner of the city. Freemasons Hall is a double storey mansion and can accommodate around 200 people at a time. It has been designed with the help of Greek style of engineering. This is clearly visible from the mammoth pillars and the use of Italian tiles and marbles, which adorn the interiors of the Hall. The small Lodge room on the first floor is capable of accommodating 60 people at a time and is meant for holding Masonic meetings.

Address :

Freemason’s Hall, 87, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai.

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