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Madhava Perumal Temple In Chennai

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Madhava Perumal Temple area can be considered as the heritage area of Chennai city, one of the mour main cities of India. The most famous temple of  Chennai Kapaleeswarar temple is located in Mylapore locality.

About Madhava Perumal Temple :

Mylapore, one of the best-known areas of Chennai, is also one of the oldest and most historic places in this city. Home to numerous ancient temples, it is called by various names in times bygone – Mayilai, Tirumayilai, were some of its other ancient names.

Srivaishanavas have a special regard for Mylapore on account of its Vaishnava connections. Many of the Azhvars have mentioned this sacred spot in their hymns. It is the birth-place (avatara-sthala) of Sri Peyaazhvar (one of the first three Azhvars or Mudal Azhvars) who was born here in the well called Manikairavam. This holy place (near Sri Madhava Perumal temple) is worshipped even today. Sri Timmazhisai Azhvar, who was a contemporary of Peyazhvar, -while mentioning Tiruvallikeni (Triplicane) mentions Mayilai also in this connection (maamayilai maavallikkeniyaam) in his Nanmugan Tiruvantadi, Later, Sri Tirumangai Azhvar too sang of these two holy sites together as (maamayilai tiruvallikkeni) in his Periya Tirumozhi.

The most famous Vishnu temples of Mylapore are those dedicated to Lord Madhava, Lord Kesava, and Lord Srinivasa. The Madhava Perumal temple, very well-known in this city, is located off the ever-busy Kutcheri road.

Attraction Of Madhava Perumal Temple In Chennai :

The temple has a beautiful tower. Similar to other typical South Indian Hindu temples, this temple also has the dhwajastamba and bali peeth in front of the main shrine. The main shrine has the idol of main deity Madhava Perumal (Maha Vishnu) in sitting posture. He is found with two hands along with his consorts Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi on either sides. The bronze (utsav) idols of Lakshmi-Varaha and Madhava Perumal-Sri Devi-Bhoo Devi are also available in the main shrine. Garud is located in a small shrine in front of the main sanctum sanctorum. On the left side of the main shrine, there are shrines of Peyalvar, Alwars, Senai Mudai and Ramanuj-Manavala Muni-Poigai Alwar-Bhoodat Alwar. All these shrines have their corresponding bronze idols.

There are separate shrines for Krishna and Ram-Lakshman-Sita. The corridor surrounding the main shrine has the shrine of Amruddha Valli, the main Goddess of the temple. The temple tank where the Goddess was born is present near the shrine of Amruddha Valli. There is a separate shrine for Andal. Hanuman shrine and Bhoo Varaha shrine are also present in this temple.

Features Madhava Perumal Temple In Chennai :

  • Mylapore stands apart in a city which has undergone a sea of change. The charm is the manner in which tradition blends with modernity makes it a different place. It has retained all its landmarks, yet has seen so many developments. It seems like a reminder that certain things will never change and the traditions and lifestyles will always stay with us forever.
  • Mylapore is akin to a two-thousand-year-old village in the heart of Chennai. The town was initially called Meliapor by the Portuguese and when translated, Mylapore literally means ‘A town of peacocks’.
  • The town which has grown around the 400-year-old Kapaleeswarar temple has always been and will continue to be the cultural and religious epicentre of the Tamils. This, along with Thiruvallikeni, are among the oldest settlements in the city. Both of them can be referred as temple towns.
  • Centrally located here is the Kapeeleshwar temple. There has been a belief that the temple was earlier located along the coastline, somewhere near the place where Santhome Church stands now, when the Portuguese settled. The Kapaleeswarar Temple dates back to the 7{+t}{+h} Century but not in the present location, but closer to the shores.

Festivals :

Theppotsavam in Maasi
PeyAzhvaar Avataara Utsavam in Aipasi
Chitrai Brahmotsavam
Varaha Jayanthi Utsavam in Chitrai

How to reach :

This place is very near to Luz corner ( Chennai /Madras Mylapore/ Thirumayilai). Ask for Mundakanniamman temple in Mylapore. Once you reach Mundakanniamman temple, you can see the entrance arch of Madahava perumal temple quite nearby.

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