Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh

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Malinithan is a recent archeological excavation in the Arunchal Pradesh. It has revealed many of the ruins of big temple from 14th century. This site is of total granite masterpieces. at a distance of 185 kilometers from Itanagar, Malinithan is located.

About Malinithan  :

Malinithan is a temple site in ruins. It is situated at the foot of the Siang hills under the Likabali Sub-Division of West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is only 1 Km east of Likabali, the nearest administrative centre. Relics of stone images of Malinithan came to be noted from the early twenties of the present century. In course of series of excavation from 1968 and ending 1971, ruins of temples and valuable scriptures were unearthed at this site. The fame of Malinithan as a holy place of worship draws a large number of visitors and piligrims.

The site excavated has beautifully designed and decorated basement of a temple, divine images, icons of deities, animal motifs and floral designs, carved columns and panels. These rich granite sculptures belong to 14-15 century, the more important being Indra on Airavat, Surya on Chariot and huge Nandi bull. The temple dedicated to Goddess Durga at Malinithan is built on the classical tradition of Orissa.

Attractions Of Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh :

Malinithan is a ruin of a temple site, which is a popular pilgrimage center in Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated at the foot of the Siang hills under the Likabali Sub-Division of West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. This temple at Malinithan is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is built on the classical tradition of Orissa. The ruins of Durga Temple in Malinithan were hidden until the series of excavation started from 1968 and ending 1971.

During these excavations the ruins of the temple and many valuable scriptures were exhumed. According to the legend associated with this place, Lord Krishna with his newly married wife Rukmini on the eve of her marriage begged blessings of Goddess Parvati. Krishna and Rukmini were welcomed here by Parvati with garlands, which is why Parvati acquired the name Milini and this place Malinithan.

The excavation at Malinithan has beautifully designed and decorated basement of the temple, divine images, icons of the deities, animal motifs, floral designs and carved columns and panels. These rich granite Malinithan Temple sculptures belong to 14 -15 centuries, which has Indra on Airavat, Surya on Chariot and huge Nandi bull. The Malinithan also holds sculptures of 100 Gods and Goddesses, dancing Yakshi and images of erotic twins on the arch. A Shivalinga, made of falic stone is also present over here.

Features Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh :

  • The Malinithan Temple of Arunachal Pradesh is such a frequently visited holy pilgrimage center of the north east. This pilgrimage center is located at the foothills of Siang in the West Siang District.
  • Malinithan derives its name from the legendary story associated with Lord Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna appraised Goddess Parvati as “Sucharu Malini”. From the word Malini the site became popular as Malinithan.
  • Malinithan is a sacred temple site located near Likabali city of Arunachal Pradesh. This holy place of worship is visited by a huge number of pilgrims every year.
  • In addition to pilgrim, Malinithan also has some interesting trekking and hiking trails to the Siang Hills.
  • Archeological and historical lovers also enjoy their trip to this site that has interesting arte facts about ancient culture.
  • There is not much habitation in Malinithan. The habitation area is Likabali city from where pilgrims and visitors come to Malinithan for a visit.
  • Likabali, the border city between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh is a under political unrest due to disputes over the boundary. This has affected the inflow of people to Malinithan.

History Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh :

Malinithan is an archaeologist’s delight! This site was discovered in a series of excavations in the period of 1968 to 1971. The shovel digging into the ground threw up a temple that is in an advanced state of deterioration. Located at the foot of Siang Hills, the site of Malinithan is just 1km away from the town of Likabali in the West Siang district of Arunachal. Experts believe that the temple dates back to the early years of the last century. The temple isn’t the only building that was found. There are a series of smaller temples and shrines that were unearthed, along with several ancient scriptures. Since the discovery of the temple, Malinithan began to rise in prominence on the pilgrim’s map. Tourists all over the world began to show more than a passing interest in this area.

The excavated temple is a sight to behold! The carvings on the wall are intricate, detailed and beautiful. You can find several motifs of these carvings. They range from ancient deities, flora and fauna, and exquisitely decorated basements and columns. Geology experts have pitched the date of the granite to belong to the 14th or 15th century. Some famous motifs are the huge bull of Lord Shiva, Nandi; the Sun God on his chariot and Lord Indra on his elephant, Airabat. There is another temple dedicated to Lord Durga. This temple is constructed on the model of the temples in Orissa.

Location :

Malinithan located at Likabali is a place of great devotement, associated with the legend of Lord Krishna. The legend behind the place is that Krishna and Rukmini rested here on their way from Bhismakanagar to Dwarka and they were offered very fine flowers by Parvati.Krishna pleased with the offering praised Parvati and addressed her as Malini-Mistress of Garland. It is believed that, the place came to be known as Malinithan since then. It is a temple site in ruins.

How to Reach Malinithan in Arunachal Pradesh :

Airport : The nearest airport from Malinithan is Leelabari or Dibrugarh in Assam. A helipad is also situated at Along. From here you can pick a bus to Malinithan.

Railhead : Nearest railway station is at Silapathar, Assam. From here you can pick a bus to Malinithan.

Road Transport : By bus or car one can easily reach Malinithan from Guwahati (Assam). One can also take a bus from Itanagar.

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