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Prashvanath Temple Nakoda In Rajasthan

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Dedicated to Jain Tirthankara Shri Prashvanath Temple, this temple was built by the Mandlik family in 1458-59 A.D. This is the tallest of all temples having three storeyes. The outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum have beautiful sculptures in gray sandstone showing Dikpals, Vidhyadevis, Yakshinis and Shalabhanjikas. These beautiful sculptures are frequently compared to the ones in Khajuraho and Konark temples. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here with devotion and admire the brilliant work of architecture. The temple of Pundarik Swami dates back to the 16th century while the Charbhuja temple and the Shiva temple had been 500-600 years ago.

About Shri Nakoda Ji Tirth :

Nakoda is a village in the Barmer District of Indian state of Rajasthan. The village name is Mewanagar in the Rajasthan state Government records. This village was known by the names of Nagara, Viramapura and Maheva at different times in the history. When Nakoda Parsvanatha Jain temple was made this village gained popularity by the name of Nakoda. Nakoda is a holy place of the Jains. Nakoda ji is one of the famous Jain temple of India.This sacred tirtha is at a distance of 13 kms from Balotara Railway station and 1 km from Mewad city. It is situated in the forest in the hills. In this tirtha with a charming natural atmosphere all-around.

History of Shri Nakodaji Tirth :

The ancient name of this Tirth is mentioned as Virampur. Virsen and Nakorsen of the third century of the Vikram era built this temple and His Holiness Jain Acharya Sthulibhadrasuri installed the idol. In course of time, this temple was renovated many times. When Alamshsh invaded this place in the year 1280 of the Vikram era (1224 AD), the Jain Sangha kept this idol hidden in the cellar in the Kalidrah village for protection. This temple was again renovated in the fifteenth century. 120 idols were brought here from Kalidrah and this beautiful and miraculous idol was installed here as Mulnayak (main idol of the temple) in the year 1429 of the Vikram era (1373 AD). Jain Acharya Kirtiratnasuri installed the idol Bhairav here. Apart from Nakoda Parsvanatha the other Jain temples here are dedicated to Rishabhadeva and Shantinath. The Parsvanatha Jain temple was originally a temple of Mahavira.

Works of art and Sculpture :

The idols of the period from the twelfth to the sixteenth century are displayed here. The natural scene of this lonely place among the hills in the forest is very beautiful, peaceful and fascinating. The idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath is very expressive. Among tirths in Rajsthan, this tirth has a special significance.

Speciality of Nakoda Temple :

This teerth place was established by Parampujya Shri Sthulibhadra swamiji, and hence it has much importance in Jainism. The ancient idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan is very attractive and full of magical powers. Shri Bhairavji Maharaj, the adhisthayak dev of this teerth place is magically very powerfull and is famous in the world for the amazing. Even if there is no house in his area but it seems like a small city by the flow of pilgrims and visitors who keep on coming here for fulfillment of their wishes.

Location and Transport of the Parshvanath Temple of Nakoda :

Nakoda Parshvanath temple is one of the holy sites for worshippers of the Jain faith. Nakoda is a village 10Km from Balotra in the Barmer District of Indian state of Rajasthan.

By Air :
Nearest airport is Jodhpur 110Km.

Jodhpur By Rail :
Barmer is well connected by train with Jodhpur.
Some important train connections are:
4808 Barmer Express (Barmer – Jodhpur)
4898 Barmer Express (Barmer – Jodhpur)

Jodhpur By Road :
Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation connects Barmer with all major cities in the state.

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