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Ramavaikunth Temple in Pushkar Rajasthan

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Ramavaikunth Temple was built in the twentieth century. The temple i s dedicated to a total of three hundred and sixty different deities. The Ramavaikunth Temple shows a distinct influence of the south Indian style of architecture. It is believed that craftsmen were brought down from south India to help in the construction of the Ramavaikunth Temple. The Ramavaikunth Temple is one of the largest temples in Pushkar. It is visited by a large number of tourists, and pilgrims. The intricately carved pagoda like main spire of the temple is noteworthy for the delicate , and expert craftsmanship. The other temples in the region follow the typical north Indian style of architecture, but this particular temple stands apart from the rest due to the south Indian influence.

About Ramavaikunth Temple in Pushkar :

Pushkar is a spectacular city of temples which exposes its highly consecrated holy places one after the other. After taking the supreme benedictions from all the previous discussed gods, we take you to discover yet another phenomenal temple in Pushkar named Ramavaikunth Temple. It is the largest of all the temples constructed in the year 1920. Throughout the year, people from far or near pay their visit at this temple as it is also adulated by those who are unplatonic art snobs. The structural designing of this Ramavaikunth Temple will simply astound you and make you speechless.

Ramavaikunth Temple in Pushkar is the tour de force of art and is formed on the outline of South India architecture that is renowned for its matchless work of art across the world. This temple is the superlative true example of stunning success in art immaculately constructed in the 20th century. It is positioned on the top of a hill and captivates the onlookers by offering the panoramic view of the city. On your tour to the Ramavaikunth Temple, you will also see the towering spires that embellish the overall appeal of this shrine and therefore becomes a marvel for the sightseers. The construction of Ramavaikunth Temple is really very intricate and housed around 361 images of copious gods and goddesses that mean a lot of Hindu pilgrims.

Attractions of Ramavaikunth Temple :

Features like the towering spires offer a breathtaking view. The pagodas are also a treat to the eye. However, these pagodas in the Ramavaikunth temple is a feature that is very unlike Hindu temples in Pushkar. This is not all as the temple also has beautifully carved images of the 361 different deities. These images further increase the spiritual importance of the temple. However, looking at them from a tourist’s point of view will also be a great experience for you. These various features of the temple help in attracting a large number of regular tourists who may not be very much attracted by the religious importance of the temple.

A visit to the Ramavaikunth is definitely worthy. Having so many attractions that not only reveal various aspects of the Hindu religion but also the Hindu architectural features, it will definitely be a great experience for tourists. Moreover, the temple is also easily accessible. It is only 131, kilometers from the Jaipur airport and only 11 kilometers from the Ajmer railway station.

How To reach There :

For your information, please note that Jaipur Airport is the nearest airport located at distance of 131 Km from Ramavaikunth Temple and Ajmer Railway Station is the nearest railhead situated at the remoteness of 11km. We know the above mentioned information about the Ramavaikunth Temple in Pushkar is very enlightening and must have created a desire in you to visit it once. So, you can easily explore the environs of temple as it is well linked via roadways, airways and railways.

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