Sankey Lake in Bangalore

Written by Sudhir Kumar

Bangalore, the world’s fourth largest metropolis is renown not only for its happening pubs, swish shopping malls, plush multiplexes and glamorous software technology parks but also for its picturesque lakes. Among the lakes of Bangalore the Sankey Lake or the Sankey Tank deserves special mention.

About Sankey Lake in Bangalore :

Sankey Lake is situated at the Northern Part of the city and is the major source of groundwater in the city. It harbors a rich biodiversity that includes birds, fishes, aquatic plants and microbes. The presence of a biotically diverse and beautiful botanical garden and a forest nursery adjacent to the lake increases the ecological value.

This huge lake is maintained by the State Forest Department. There are boating facilities and a road running on two sides are ideal for joggers and early morning walkers as they can enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air. Many migratory birds visit this lake during winter every year making it a good place for bird watching. You can do a lot of activities when you visit this lake.

History :

Sankey reservoir was constructed in 1882 and the works cost Rupees 575000. It was linked to the Miller’s tank and Dharmambudhi tank and was built as a safeguard against water shortages, such as that experienced in the Great Famine of 1875-77. The quality of water was not very good and when Lord Connemara, Governor of Madras visited in July 1888 it was commented upon by a local wit: “The men who are thrown off their horses and killed on the spot at Bangalore are the only ones that are allowed by doctors not to have died from drinking bad water.

Sankey Lake in Bangalore is one of the main attractions especially for nature lovers.

Sankey Tank is an artificial tank or lake situated in the western part of Bangalore city. The Sankey tank is located in the middle of the suburbs Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram and Sadashivanagar. The Sankey Tank covers an area of about 37.5 acres of land.

Sankey Tank in Bangalore was built in the year 1882 by Col. Richard Hieram Sankey of the Madras Sappers Regiment, to satisfy the water supply demands of Bangalore. The Sankey Tank was also known as Gandhadhakotikere, for the reason that Sandalwood Depot used to be located close to the lake. A 500-year-old perennial water body, it was originally named after sir richard sankey, former chief engineer of mysore. but the architect of sankey tank, with its greenish-blue watery depths, was colonel Sankey.

  • The charm of a sparkling lake glittering like a jewel in a brass setting amidst the concrete jungle of an urban metropolis is a real treat to behold.
  • Sankey Lake is the ideal weekend retreat for tourists visiting Bangalore or for citizens desiring a break from the routine tedium of everyday life.
  • Sankey Tank offers it all, be it sightseeing, or a picnic or a pleasant boat ride in the balmy afternoon lull.

An undertaking of the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation, the Mayura Sankey Boat Club is equipped with abundant rowboats, pedal boats and motorboats.

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