Somnath Veraval Beach in Gujarat

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About Somnath Veraval Beach in Gujarat :

Veraval is located at a distance of 6 kilometers from the Somnath town. Veraval beach in Gujrat in India, is a striking and attractive seafront in gujrat. A visit to Veraval Beach of Gujarat in India is an informative one for the travellers and foreign tourists who are on a twister tour of beaches and seafronts of Gujarat in India. Veraval Beach in Gujarat in India, is positioned near the Hindu spiritual city of Somnath in Gujarat in India. And hence this beach of Gujrat is sometimes known as Somnath Veraval Beach in India.

The fort of Veraval is situated at the side of Veraval Beach, Gujrat. Though the many thick and inspiring walls have been destroyed but still the extraordinary finish of the Veraval fort near the beach of Veraval Gujrat is remained integrated. The Veraval Beach in Gujarat, India, is also near to Sasan and the Kamleshwar Dam, which make up for nearby sightseeing and excursions.

One of the most enchanting delight figure of Veraval is the Veraval port which is known all across the land of india and foreign for its different trawlers and country crafts which gives an immence beauty to Gujarat tourism today in india. The Veraval Beach of gujrat is facilitated with benches and a jogging tracks and made to be used in the morning to exercise in a healthy environment. Veraval beach of gujrat in india provides a safe swim in this Veraval Beach to the tourists.

History  of Veraval :

Veraval was founded in 13th or 14th by Rao Veravalji Vadher, a Rajput .Veraval was once a fortified port town of the royal family of Junagadh. It used to be a part of the Kingdom of Junagadh till 1953 when Junagadh was merged with India. The city still bears some remains of the old Nawabi heritage, the beautiful Nawabi summer palace being one of them. There are ruins of the old Nawabi fort and Nawabi Gates in and around the place. The old walls of the port are now ruined, but the impressive Junagadh gate and the Patan gate are still seen, but are in a very bad state.

The Nawabi Palace with gothic features which is one of the main attractions. It is popularly known as Somnath College (the palace was converted into a college after it was abandoned by the nawab).At present it is the building of a Sanskrit university. The town is often known as the gateway to the magnificent temple of Somnath and the pilgrimage centres of Prabhas Patan and Bhalkha. Veraval is also the nearest town to the Gir National Park (42 km away).

Before the rise of Surat, Veraval was the major seaport for pilgrims to Mecca. Its importance now is as a fishing port which is one of largest in India. Sea going dhows and fishing boats are still being built by the sea without the use of any instruments other than a tape-measure. Traditional skills are passed down from father to son. About 25 km from the veraval a historical place is located at Savani village known as Pandav gufa. According to mahabharta during the vanvas pandvas stayed here.

Charming Spots near the Beach :

Somnath Temple
Somnath is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of lord Shiva. Today, Somnath offers a holy pilgrimage, a beach holiday and a number of places of historic, religious or scenic significance.Prabhas Patan
Walk down to the Prabhas Patan museum to see the remains of the 11th century version of Somnath temple with 5 domes and multiple pillars, fine 11th century sculpture of lord Agni, lord Shiva, lord Vishnu, Apsaras and Goddesses.

Bakhla Tirth
A short distance from the Somnath temple is Bakhla Tirth, where Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow of a Bhil tribal by an accident.

Triveni Tirth
A river is holy in Hinduism, and the meeting place of 3 rivers-Hiran, Kapil and mythical Saraswati-with the Arabian sea, is triply important. The Triveni tirth is an revered place of pilgrimage, specially to immerse ashes and pray for the departed souls. At the Triveni ghat is the chattri of lord Krishna, and important temples, including one dedicated to lord Laxminarayan.

Veraval Fort
6 kms from Somnath, Veraval was a fortified port town of the royal family of Junagadh. The old walls have been pulled down but the impressive Junagadh gate and Patan gate, both with aesthetic carvings, can still be seen standing, as can the old Nawabi palace with Gothic features facing the sea.

The most famous excursion from here is ofcourse Sasan, the headqaurters of the 1412 sq km Gir national park & wildlife sanctuary, one of the most important wildlife preserves in India. The Asiatic lion does not survive elsewhere in the world. You can see panther, the handsome spotted deer, the magnificent sambhar and a wealth of birdlife. The Kamleshwar dam nearby has a number of crocodiles and birds.Surya Mandir
The Sun temple of Prabhas Patan, probably dates from the time of the Solanki Rajput dynasty in Gujarat. Like the Sun temples of Modhera, Ghumli and Kera, it has a sabha mandap, sanctum sanctoruim and intricate carvings. Next to the temple is the Pandav Gufa, a cave associated with the 5 Pandawas, with mosaics of lord Ganesh and other religious art forms.

Oceanic Activities
You can go for a simple stroll by the coasts or even try a swimming. The water here is excellent for swimming. Sun-bathing is another activity you would love do here.

Fast Facts of Veraval Beach :

Did you know – Veraval beach is an important sea port for the pilgrims to Mecca It is a major fishing port.
Must do – Swimming, Jogging, Camel rides, Sunbathing.
Must See – Veraval Fort, Somnath Temple, Prabhas Patan, Bakhla Tirth, Triveni Tirth, Sasan, Surya Mandir, Kamleshwar Dam.

Lodging at Somnath & Veraval :

You can find all categories of accommodations ranging from luxury, deluxe and budget class. You can also find some guest houses and other average class accommodations to fit into your pocket. The best hotel here is Park with a/c rooms, garden and a pool. Other hotels are near the bus or railway station and offer simple a/c or non a/c rooms. If you wan’t to be near the sea, there are some cheap hotels, guest houses and dharamshalas at Somnath.

Beach Accessibility :

Airlines : Ahmedabad (412km) is the nearest airport from Somnath & Veraval.

Rail Lines : Convenient overnight trains are available to & from Somanth & Veraval. Veraval receives trains from Ahmedabad.

Bus lines : Somnath & Veraval is located about 412 kms away from Ahmedabad, capital city of Gujrat. One can easily reach the beach from here by just picking a bus or hiring a private vehicle.

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