Ulsoor Lake Bangalore

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The famous Ulsoor Lake is centrally situated sprawling over an area of 1.5 sq. kms. Originally known as “Halsur” or “Alsur”, the lake then extended over an area of 125 acres. Constructed by Kempe Gowda II, this pretty picnic spot is on the northeastern fringe of the city centre.

About Ulsoor Lake Bangalore :

Ulsoor Lake is located on the northeastern part of Bangalore which is surrounded by tiny islands and trees. It covers an area of 1.5 kilometers and the lake bed was recently desilted to increase the depth and capacity of the lake. Historically, the lake was built by Kempe Gowda II, during the second century. Boating is one of the major attractions of the lake and thus it is a good place for the tourists doing Bangalore sightseeing to have some good time and relax. The Ulsoor lake is the most used venue for celebrating the Ganesha Festival in the month of August. The lake has characteristic islands which have a recreational complex with a well-maintained swimming pool. A gurudwara is situated near the Ulsoor lake which is known to be very holy place for Sikhs of the Bangalore city. A park and a temple is also located near the lake.

What to see there:

Ulsoor lake is a favorite spot for both the locals and tourists as it is one of the most preferred places to visit in Bangalore. It is visited commonly during holidays and weekends by the Bangaloreans. The lake has a radius of about 3 Kilometers and it  provides boating services and the visitors can relax on the green grass under the tree shades. The lake has several small islands that have shopping complexes and eateries. One of the popular monuments located near the lake is a Subbaraya temple and a park. It is called Kensington Park as it is situated along Kensington road and it has a small garden with plants and seasonal flowers all these makes it a very popular among Bangalore tourist places.


The major attractions for visitors of this place are boating and shopping. It is a beautiful location and provides a splendid memorable experience for nature admirers.

Legend :

Legend has it that when Kempe Godwa II came to this place while chasing a game, there was dense forest in the region. As Godwa fell asleep under a tree, weary from his sport, God Somesvara appeared in his dream and told him about a hidden treasure. It is believed that Kempe Godwa dug up the treasure and built the Somesvara pagoda that still exists in Ulsoor. While this the most famous temple of the region, beautifully decorate with paintings of Lord Shiva and Parvati tying their nuptial knots and sculptors by A descendant of Jakanachari, there is another famous temple dedicated to Subbaraya.

Caution : 

Although swimming is allowed in Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore, it is a little dangerous for people other than the natives. The weeds and the lotus under the water often twine around the legs pulls one down. However, swimming in the nearby swimming pool beside the ‘Kensington Park’ near the lake is a good option

How to reach there:

By Air : Tourists who are coming to Bangalore by plane can go to Majestic from Bangalore International Airport which is 40 km away .  It costs about Rs 400 by auto rickshaw and Rs 800 by taxi from airport to majestic. Pre-paid taxi facilities are available from Airport. From Majestic one can avail buses to visit ulsoor lake or some other common Bangalore tourist places.

By Train : Tourists who are coming to Bangalore by train and interested to doing Bangalore sightseeing can select Bangalore Majestic or  Bangalore Cantonment (8 km to Majestic) or Yeshwanthpur (10 km away from Majestic) which are the three main railway stations in city. However the Halasuru lake is the closest  to Bangalore majestic

By Bus : As Ulsoor Lake is one of the common places to visit in Bangalore for tourists from across the country there are ample number of buses to allow people to reach the lake easily.   Karnataka state tourism also provide package tour for Bangalore sightseeing, that includes this lake.

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka
Area : 1.5 sq. kms
Built By : Kempe Gowda
Originally Known As : Halsur Or Alsur

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