Wallajah Mosque In Chennai

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Wallajah Mosque is located at Walajah Road in Triplicane, Chennai. This was built by the Wallajah family in memory of the Nawab 1795 . Even now the Prince of Arcot is closely associated with this mosque.

About Wallajah Mosque :

Grey granite was used to construct this historical edifice. No wood or steel was used to build the Wallajah Mosque. The mosque is spread over an extensive area and symbolizes the medieval architectural style. The front part of the Wallajah Mosque in Chennai is adorned by two minarets. Besides, the mosque also houses the tomb of Saint maulana Abdul Ali Bahrul Uloom, of the Princes of Arcot, theologians, renowned scholars and the tombs of the Nawabs, who ruled Carnatic. The chronogram of the Chennai Wallajah Mosque was composed by a Rajah Makkan Lal and is the most important feature of the mosque.

Attraction Of Wallajah Mosque In Chennai :

This Mosque, also known as Big Mosque constructed by Muhammad Ali Walajah, Nawab of the Carnatic during 1749AD to 1795 A.D., is a historical landmark in Chennai. The building is a commanding structure of symmetry and an example of architectural splendor with an impressive facade. The Mosque is placed in widespread grounds, which are being used as a place for religious and cultural functions and activities. The Meelad Committee in the Mosque celebrates the Prophet’s birthday every year in these grounds. On Eid-ul-Fitr (Ramzan) and Bakrid Days, huge numbers of Muslim devotees throng to this religiously historic mosque to offer prayers. This is one of the most attractive shrines in Chennai and is one of the main Muslim pilgrimage sites in the south.

Special features of the Mosque : 

  • This mosque is built in 1795 stands as historical momument in Chennai. The architecture of this mosque is a fusion of medieval Indian, Islamic and Iranian styles . The structure is built out of gray granite. Neither wood or steel has been used in any part of this mosque since these are susceptible to elements.
  • The Big mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Chennai city and attract lot of tourists who visit Chennai. It is also a very important pilgrim site for Muslims in the city. During festivals like Ide lot of Muslims visit this mosque.

Events  In Wallajah Mosque :

Wallajah Mosque in Chennai is one of the principal Muslim pilgrimages in South India. On Festive days like Bakri Id and Eid- ul- Fitr devotees visit the shrine in order to offer prayers. The Eid time is fixed at 10 in the morning.

History Wallajah Mosque In Chennai :

One of the most beautiful mosques in the city, Walajah Big Mosque is an architectural marvel located at Triplicane. This historical landmark was built in 1795 by the family of the Nawab Wallajah, the Nawab of Carnatic in his memory after his demise. The Nawab’s descendants are still living in a mansion known as Amir Mahal. One of the most important Muslim shrines of the city, the Walajah Big Mosque has been built of gray stone and has still not withered, thus outliving the ravages of time. Neither steel nor wood has been used in its construction and the architecture reflects the typical medieval period. Known to be frequented by a large number of Muslim pilgrims and tourists, the mosque stands on extensive grounds that today serve as a forum for religious and cultural activities. A large number of devotees gather here during the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr and Bakra eid to offer Namaaz. The mosque also has an adjoining graveyard that houses tombs of various Muslim saints. Walajah Big Mosque remains open for visitors from 5 AM to 8 PM daily.

 How to reach Wallajah Mosque In Chennai :

The Wallajah Mosque stands along the Wallajah Road, which is in the Janbazar area of Triplicane in Chennai. Visitors to this historical shrine may avail of the public transport like buses, taxis and auto rickshaws. The Chennai International Airport is served by many international airlines. The Chennai Central and the Egmore Railway Station are well connected to other cities of India.


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