Worli Fort an ancient British fort

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Worli Fort is an ancient British fort perched on a hilltop at the place of Worli in Mumbai. The Worli Fort is a fort built by the British in Worli, Mumbai , India. The fort, often mistakenly referred to as being built by the Portuguese, was actually built by the British around 1675. The fort, built on the Worli hill, overlooked the Mahim Bay at a time the city was made up of just seven islands. It was used as a lookout for enemy ships and pirates.

The upkeep of the fort has been impossible due to its inaccessibility, as the roads leading to it are completely blocked by illegal hutments that have cropped up over the years, only to be overlooked by the local authorities for the sake of electoral gain and bribes paid for allowing illegal constructions. The fort is completely in ruins today and a slum has enveloped the edifice, making it a den for illegal activities like the brewing of illicit liquor within its confines. A bell tower peeps out of the ruins and the ramparts are used to dry clothes. Historians have often called for the protection of the area but their efforts have fallen on deaf ears. This in spite of an NGO claiming to have adopted the Worli Village, where the fort is located.

About Worli Fort

Worli Fort is an ancient British fort perched on a hilltop at the place of Worli in Mumbai. The fort has been often mis-interpreted as being built by Portuguese. The fort was built by British to overlook the enemy and pirate ships in the nearby sea. The fort was built around 1675 A.D. and at the time when Mumbai city was a small agglomerate of seven islands. The islands were connected over years and the region stands as an integral part of Mumbai today.

Worli lies to the north of Mumbai. Reaching Worli Fort is quite arduous due to poor condition of the road leading to the fort. The fort is located on the peninsular landmass of the Worli area and close to the sea. The condition of fort is miserable. The historical monument that carries with it memories of the past has been abandoned. The cry for help by Worli Fort has been suppressed for years, the bell of the fort has not ringed and a good time has passed now.

The Worli region, compared to Worli Fort is a quite developed place and an important city hub. The other attractions in the vicinity include the mosque named Haji Ali Dargah and an old fishing community.

The bus station at Prabhadevi is nearest to Worli Fort. The place is linked to the central landmass via roads.

The nearest railway station is the Parel Railway Station which lies east of Worli Fort.

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